I tell everyone always take a trip to Ban Chang if you come to Pattaya it’s worth the time and not hard to get to! You are guaranteed a good time.

First Attempt Failure

I went with a reader from this site and we hit the first bar. Girl was cute, had some sweet tits on her. She got my dick hard but it really wasn’t what you call “responding”. Still I felt like I should give this a try because she was cute.

We go and play “pool” and I was like, this isn’t going to work. She is doing her thing and I am just not responding. She could not get it hard and clearly was starting to get lock jaw blowing me as much as she was. I ejected and said sorry, it’s me not you. I paid her for her time and effort.

The minute I came out, the reader of this site who I was with promptly headed back. I promptly went to the toilet and took a kamagra packet. The reader came out smiling. I suggested we check bin and go to the next bar.

It Always Gets Better

We rolled into the next bar and the next thing I know I got 2 girls on me and it didn’t take much time for things to escalate quickly. Bought them drinks and next thing I know one has her tongue down her throat while the one behind is pushing her titties into me and licking my ear. I start fingering the girl kissing me and she is soaking wet. This seems promising me.

She drops to her knees, undoes my shorts and starts to go to work on me. I am like this is good, this is very good. The other one moves her body so I can make out with her and finger her. At one point she cums all over my finger and keeps grinding away and making out with me. The one blowing me had good technique and had me on edge several times. I was like fuck yes!

The problem was she stopped at a certain point and I am like NO. She gets the rhythm again and I’m like don’t stop. Suddenly I’m blowing a load in her mouth. The trooper that she is goes and swallows it.

Girl I am making out with just keeps kissing me and I am finally like I need to stop and catch my breath.

Hung out with both of them and they wanted to fuck but I was like there is no way I can go that fast as much as I want to. It was still good. Oh, I should state dear readers, all happens at the.

Nose Dive

It was at this point I suddenly stopped feeling good. Nothing in general, just didn’t great and just kept soldiering through it but not drinking much. I just could not get energy to do much of anything other than hang out. I think I would have went again but I just wasn’t in the mood and honestly wanted to lay down and take a nap more than anything.

Again I kept going but I knew nothing else was going to happen the rest of the day so I just paced myself and waited for the ride home.

However, the reader that was with me, he went back to the bar I where I got my BJ and made sure he got a round 2 for himself and he was very pleased with the end result. He came over and met us for the ride home.

Finally Back

We got back to Pattaya at 9:15PM and I promptly bailed. Went and got a bite to eat, road my bike home and promptly went to bed at 10PM. I woke up today at 1:30PM. So whatever was wrong with me was clearly just exhaustion. Who knows. Either way, again I can’t stress it enough Ban Chang is always worth a trip out to.