Little riff on the song Baby Come Back. As you can guess, and I hinted at yesterday, she blew up my phone to come back but just for the night.

Just For One Night

My phone started to blow up about 8 on Wednesday night and it was the ex. She had quit her job because she was too embarrassed to work there. She had no place to go and no money. I never even responded.

This may seem heartless but the reality was if I took her back one night she would beg to stay. I didn’t want her in the condo and I knew she had money but suspect she likely blew it on ice. I really didn’t want her in my condo begging money off me again with sad puppy dog eyes.

The whole thing reeked of potential drama. Something I didn’t want at all.

Avoiding Drama

I used to be the Drama King but as I got older I just learned to avoid it as much as possible. It wasn’t something I was interested in pursuing anymore. Dealing with a working girl and getting involved with them means there is a high probability of drama as they aren’t the most stable of humans to begin with. Mix in drug use and you have a recipe for disaster.

To be perfectly honest the horrors I have witnessed and heard when a Thai girl loses her shit is rather scary. You would never guess some 40 to 50 kilo girl could cause so much damage but they are capable of it. Destruction is their main goal followed shortly by police. I try and avoid the police as much as possible because I’m not their biggest fan here. If they can find a way to get money out of you they will.

This was the biggest reason I just ignored her messages. I just didn’t want the potential shitshow that could have ensued the morning.

Don’t Take Them Back

One thing I have learned over my decades of mongering is that women, in particular working girls are master manipulators. If they since even a hint of weakness they will pounce on it. I have known countless guys that always give them one more chance. Huge mistake.

If you are done with them, just be done with it. If you were sure enough to toss her out once why do you think she has suddenly changed a few days later? It’s a hormonal response because you body is going she is mine! Your brain needs to go fuck off body.

Best rule is don’t take them back. If you got to set them on ignore and block all calls then do so. Just don’t deal with them anymore. You are just setting your own self up for failure and drama.