download (17)When I was new monger I made many assumptions. All new mongers do. We don’t know any better. There isn’t a Mongers Handbook or anything and while monger forums are great, they have their own set of issues and a lot of what is mongering is learned as you go with maybe a more experienced monger taking you under their wing to teach you some of the lessons they learned.

One of the biggest assumptions that new mongers make is that prostitutes are telling the truth. The horrible stories about their life. How they ended up in the bar. How they hate local men. How its their first week working. So on and so forth. You don’t know any better and you are wide eyed to be talking to this hot girl who is spending time with you. Talking to you. Treating you like something more then just another swinging dick trying to get into the golden pussy that the women do back home. You believe these tales. Why would she lie (god know I touched on that enough)? I mean, she is selling herself for little sums of money (to you). You can save her! You want to help!

Lets move forward a few years and with a few monger trips under your belt. You been burned at least once because of assumptions. You have learned the hard lesson that you wish someone would have told you to look out for or that you listened to that old bitter monger who carefully listens to what the girl is saying but promptly ignores it. He told you they were lying bitches to being with but you didn’t believe him. Now you no better. Your assumptions are that the girl is lying her ass off. You now don’t care one way or the other like every other hardcore monger thats been on the scene too longer. You don’t care what country you are in. How cute the girl is. She speaks and 90% of what comes out of her mouth is bullshit. You don’t care to be honest. You are just going to fuck her and forget her. She’s just another fuck toy to be used and you move on.

The sad thing is the assumptions are usually right.

Sure the kernel of truth is there in the stories you hear as a new monger. Most of these girls didn’t come from fantastic homes with loving parents. Most had a fucked up childhood if they had one at all. Most are in some sort of shit situation in their lives right now. Its true that one shit generation breeds another until someone is smart enough to break the cycle which in todays world is becoming harder and harder. The thing is, one you been burned by it once and you hear it so many times you don’t care. It just becomes another routine when hunting for pussy. The words are as meaningless as the questions of where are you from, how long you staying, and first time here. The words just flow in one ear and out the other. The faces and locations may change the words stay that same.

The girls are no different then us. They are just as naive when they arrive in town fresh off the bus. They have heard stories. They have their assumptions on us. The older girls that bother to talk to them try and warn them that the men she is going to deal with are nothing but bastards out to fuck them for the lowest price they can get. Don’t believe what they say if you can understand them. They will want you to fuck them for free.

The working girl is new and the older girls words are proving to be true but she meets that one guy. He’s different. He treats her well. She finally fucks him for free and then disappears or treats her like shit afterwards. Going with other girls in front of her. It wasn’t anything special other than a fuck to the guy.

Move forward a few months and the girl is hardened. She knows the games to play. The words to say. Her assumptions now are that every guy is some dumb piece of shit that is there for the taking. Men are nothing but walking ATM machines and you just need them to give up the PIN code so you can access that easy cash withdrawal. It’s no more then an hours worth of work if that and its easy money. It afford a better life then they ever had at home. The alcohol and drugs makes it easier to do every time. Yes, the assumptions are right. Men are stupid and easy marks.

Just simple assumptions. Neither are correct and neither are wrong. The middle ground is where the truth lies like it has always done. Its just a matter of getting over our assumptions.