Sit back and relax.
Big Daddy has the wheel.
Remember that in life,
the journey is the fun part.
Not the destination.
This week Big Daddy will be sharing some of the emails he has received asking for advise or information. Big Daddy is always happy to share his life experience and the wisdom he has earned over the many years. So we will call this “Ask Big Daddy” Advise for adventure seekers.

I received this email a few weeks ago and after you read it you will understand his need for privacy. I  do not know this dude personally just his e-mail address. Here is his story.

Big Daddy I need some help. You seem like a bloke that can answer the difficult questions and I really need your advise mate. I was on holiday in Pattaya last month and something I had heard about but never thought would happen to me, happened. I met this girl at a Beer Bar on Soi 7 and we really hit it off. We were having beers and playing billiards, a really grand old-time. I was showing her how to hold the cue stick properly when she turned around and kissed me. It was game on. I told her I wanted to pay the bar fine. She was so excited  and ran to mama and told her. She came back and kissed me again.  I was on my way to being properly pissed and decided it was late enough and I was randy as hell. I said “Baby we go OK”. She smiled really big and said “up to you “. We make it back to the room and are on the bed kissing and she pulls my cock out and starts kissing the head really gentle like. I was ready to pop. Then it happened. She took off her top and she had a nice set of firm “A” cups then she dropped her shorts and said “Baby I need to show you something.” I thinking WTF. Scars from a bad cesarean, warts? What? She got on the bed and crawled to me and pulled her G-String down and there it was. A little lady boy cock. She is talking really fast. “Please don’t be mad. I like you mak mak.” I start to get up and she starts crying. Oh hell. I tell her I am not angry but I not like lady boy. She said she have operation next month and she be all woman. I did notice that she didn’t have any lady boy balls just a little lady boy cock. I felt really sad for her and I gave her a hug so she would stop crying. She kissed me on the cheek and said I was a good man. That was when I noticed I was rock hard. She noticed it too. She smiled and said “you like me a little” “Maybe mak mak”. Bloody fucking hell. 10 minutes later I am shagging the little lady boy missionary style. For some reason I thought it was the least gay. I did have the sense to put on a condom. She was really into it. More than most Thai girls I had been with. She threw her long legs over my shoulders and I was upright shagging her hard when I noticed her little lady boy cock was rock hard. She screams and it happened. I took a load of lady boy cum in the eye. Bloody fucking hell indeed. I ran to the shower and was washing it out of my eye when she comes up behind me. “I am sorry daddy” You make me so horny” She starts washing my back then reaches around and starts washing my cock. I then notice her tongue up my bum. This was new for me and she reaches around and starts stroking my cock. I was about to lose it when she spins me around and takes my cock in her mouth and starts doing this thing with her  throat . She was swallowing my cock. It was like she was massaging it with her throat muscles. I exploded into her and she continue to swallow until it was soft.I put her on a moto bike the next morning and figured it would be the last time I saw her.  That night I was walking down Soi 7. She sees me and gets excited. I thought what the hell. I can stop for a beer and chat her up then leave. Several beers later we were back in my room. Big Daddy this is the best sex I have ever had. She is incredible. Gorgeous, long hair down to her waist. Slim body with a cute bum. I repeated this each night. .  I talk to her on Skype every morning before I go to work. I am including a pic she took at the bar when we met.


Big Daddy am I gay? Do I need to tell my friends? I have a girlfriend I see here at home. She is nice but not like Moi. We have sex on average once or twice a week. I still enjoy it and I still look at girls. I don’t find men attractive. I am at a quandary as to what to do. Moi is set to have her surgery soon. I will see her later when I can take another holiday. Bloody fucking hell! What have I got my self into? Please don’t share this with anyone and my email is my name. Any advise is appreciated Big Daddy.

Dont worry Spankie. Your identify is safe with me. Let me say that they are two kinds of adventure travelers that go on vacations to Pattaya. Those that have a lady boy story and those that will have one. It is almost a guaranteed event.  If you had remembered Big Daddy’s rule about lady boys in beer bars this may have never happened. If in doubt ask mama. Mama wants happy customers. Lady Boys are there for a reason. There is a demand. You have to remember that they don’t carry around all the guilt that you have due to the religious and ridiculous upbringing we have in western countries.

To your question. No you are not gay. At worse you are bi. You are a lady boy fucker. It happens and there are  straight guys that go to Pattaya for the lady boys.  What concerns Big Daddy is the load of Lady Boy gism that you took in the eye. Any hooker in Soho or Red Hook will tell you that is worse to take a load in the eye than in the mouth. Just as you can get Gonorrhea in the  throat your eye is even more susceptible. Since you didn’t mention that your eye swoll up and started oozing you probably are OK. Get tested any way. There are things that may not show up right away. I remember a recent trip to Pattaya and a drunken conversation about lady boys that have had the “conversion”. The consensus was “if you don’t know she still has a Y chromosome” then it cannot be considered gay. If you know she is still a “dude” but has a “va nay nay” and you hit it, then that could be considered gay. Big Daddy don’t give a shit one way or the other. Big Daddy does not roll that way but its Ok if you do. Apparently you have a friend with special skills that you like. She is soon to be a “three holer” and that is always the most prized of all the Pattaya Bar girls. Sounds like a win win win situation to Big Daddy.