I am going to share with you today an email I got from some douche calling himself Save D Planet. It really wasn’t a question but actually some ideas for us here at Monger Travels. My response of course is included below.

Dear Big Daddy

I came across this site by accident but I actually find it interesting. The stories about traveling and meeting all these hot women have me wanting to join you guys on a trip to Thailand. The problem is I feel that these aircraft dump millions of pounds of fluorocarbons into the atmosphere every year. We have to be stewards of our planet. It is the only home we have. I would like to travel and have one of these real life experiences but not at the expense of melting the polar ice caps. We need to reduce the number of these huge jet aircraft along with the conversion to electric cars. If you insist on this kind of life style at least mitigate the damage with carbon offsets like Al Gore has suggested. Donate money to groups that plant trees or do the ground work on researching the effects of global warming and perhaps finding real solutions to the problem before it is too late. You could use this forum to share links to various groups with these goals and donate to them. We must be united on this front if we ever hope to combat global warming and find real and lasting solutions.

Thanks for any help

SDP the best advise Big Daddy has for you is this. Reach behind you and grasp your shoulders and try to pull your head out of your ass. Global warming is a myth. Al Gore is a liar. He has little pussies for balls. You have the worst case of rectal cranial inversion I have seen in a long time. You are denying yourself all the delicious poo-nanny in the Land of Smiles because you are afraid it will melt the polar ice caps? Seriously you need some tequila drinking and a good old fashion fucking. Tomorrow when you are driving your Smart Car or hybrid to work I want you to consider these little tid-bits of information that Al didn’t tell you about. We are having record lows in May EVERY WHERE. Use Google it is still capable of supplying information if you are capable of reading. The number one cause of warming of this planet is not my pick up or the 777 that takes me to paradise it is the SUN dumbass. The sun has cycles of peak solar activity every 11 years or so. This is the current peak for solar activity. It is also the record low peak for activity. The warming we had in the late nineties and early two thousands was the last peak period. It was a record peak for activity. Starting to see a pattern you useless piece of “Tree Hugging” shit. Now lets discuss your suggestion of “Carbon Offsets” and Al Gore the self-proclaimed inventor of the internet and Carbon Offsets. He testified to congress that although he leaves behind a carbon footprint the size of Godzilla (private jets, mansions, limos) he leads a “Carbon Neutral Lifestyle” because he offsets it by investing in Green Technology and Green Companies (making millions) and we should do the same. OK lets apply AL’s logic to wife abuse. If a man abuses his wife but donates money to a battered wife shelter then he leads an “Abused Wife” neutral life? Why not. Same logic. What a fucking joke and hypocrite. One last thing for you to consider tomorrow while you are on the exercise bike you use to charge your electric car. A recent NASA study has concluded that Carbon Dioxide actually is a cooling gas and blocks sun rays from reaching the surface. “The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has been in full retreat after having to concede a 17-year stall in global warming despite levels of atmospheric CO2 rising almost 40 percent in recent decades. The new SABER data now forms part of a real world double whammy against climatologists’ computer models that have always been programmed to show CO2 as a warming gas.” Fuck you and AL Gore and your Carbon Offset scams. Dude if you would make one trip with me to Pattaya. Once sipping cold beers and getting blown upstairs on Soi 6 you will have a different perspective and a different “Game Plan” for your life. If you decide to continue with this inane nonsense about Global Warming then please “Go Hide and Fuck Yourself”.

Yours Truly

Big Daddy