Big Daddy back with more advise for the mongers in need of advise or information. This one comes from someone calling himself Wild_Bill_69.

Dear Big Daddy

I have a serious issue so please help me if you can. I met this hot as fuck bitch a couple of months ago. She was out with her friends and drunk as hell. They all were pretty drunk especially after me and my G’s kept sending over tequila shots. Big Daddy she was all over me acting horny as fuck. We went back to her apartment with one of my G’s with her roommate. We fucked like there was no tomorrow and you are asking by now “What is the fucking problem”?  I didn’t call her back soon enough to suit her and she pissed me off when I called.  She was really bitchy so I said ‘Fuck off Bitch ” and hung up. Then a couple of months latter I get a call from her asking me to come over. She apologized for being a bitch and wanted to “Talk” because she really liked me. Big Daddy  she is hot and the pussy is off the fucking chain so I said “Cool” I’ll come over. Boy did I a get a surprise when I arrived. It wasn’t just her but her fucking bitch mother was there also. She looked at me and said “Sit down we need to talk”.  I looked over at Juanika and she looked at me and squeaked out “I’m pregnant”. WTF. Now her bitch mother is yelling about my responsibilities. Where do I work, how much do I make, all kinds of shit. Big Daddy I know this is for mongers and traveling and stuff but I bet you have been where I am. Man help me please. I do have a question. I am pretty sure I didn’t come in her pussy. I blew my load in her ass. Can a bitch get pregnant from butt fucking?

Wild Bill as a matter of fact I have been exactly where you are. 1982 Panama City Beach Florida. Met this little blond from Dothan Alabama. We were at Spinnakers and like your pick up she was drunk as hell too. Went back to the Silver Sands Motel and I tapped that ass 3 times before she and her friend left the next morning. I think my dumbass friend that was in the room with us gave her other friend his phone number. That is the only way I figured she could track me down. She did. I came to the hospital and they took my blood sample. I am A+, she is B-. The baby was O -.  I looked at her bitch mother and said “We done”.  Gave them both the finger and went out the door. I didn’t blow in her ass but I did pull out early each time.  I had been fucking 3 times a day all week so my sperm count was low as fuck anyway.

To answer your question about getting a bitch pregnant from anal sex, the answer is YES. That is how we get politicians. I know you will be sweating it till the DNA test comes back but consider this. You’re a fucking monger, she is gorgeous so you may have just created the next Bill Clinton. This country could use another Bill.