Today I am answering some emails about travel. The Big Daddy way. Not that I am an expert but I was traveling before metal detectors were used at airports. It has changed so much over the years. There was actually a time when people “dressed up” to fly, airline flight crews were actually fun and courteous and Penthouse Forum was full of stories about people getting their “freak on” on board.

Big Daddy we met last year when you were staying at the Kilkenny. I still can’t believe when you arrived you had a “sports bag” over you shoulder. How do you pack for a 2 week trip in  a “Sports Bag”? I have a big suitcase and it is full and I have to pay now to check a bag. So how do you do it?   Ray

Ray all can tell you is this. Pack only what you need to bring and plan ahead.   The great thing about Pattaya is all the cheap laundry options. Cheap and fun if you read Scubabums recent offering. Planning ahead says you don’t need 2 weeks of clothes, you don’t need 1 week either. I have laundry done every third day. 3 dollars on average. You always have clean, wrinkle free great smelling clothes. It is worth the additional cost to me. To that end here is what I pack. 4 cargo shorts, 6 tee shirts, 4 mini socks, 6 underwear, 1 pair flip-flops or Crocs. I prefer Crocs. Condoms, razors, breath strips, tooth-brush, etc all in a quart bag. Your liquids, tooth paste, lube, mouth wash, aftershave, etc. All in a quart bag. I had a Tablet on that trip but I have consolidated  an unlocked phone and tablet into a 6 inch screen android  wifi phone.  Pocket camera and of course your Passport. Pack all the clothes in the “sports bag”. Take the 2 quart bags plus any meds you need to carry and place them in a plastic bag. Airlines can’t make you count it if its your meds and its in a “sack”. I also put protein bars in it for the long flights. Iron the shorts and tee shirts as normal but roll them tightly. Do not fold. The tighter you roll them the less they will wrinkle. This is also the most efficient use of space. You are now on the way to travelling light. Buy mouth wash shaving cream and other stuff when you arrive. I always buy a couple of new shirts at Mikes or at the Buchkow market. It can be done if you are willing to try it. I remember going thru customs at LAX. The agent asked me “How long were you gone? I said 15 days. “That is all you took” Yesser. I travel light. He laughed and took my slip. Pictured below is the end result.


This next email is about “The worse case scenario”

Big Daddy I heard about a guy that was robbed or pick-pocketed but they took his money, credit cards every thing. What can you do if that happens?  Stanley

Stanley they guy was an idiot for carry his wallet around like he was going to the grocery store. Never carry more than you can lose. Keep every thing in the safe. To answer your question is something that can be a life or trip saver. Open an online account with Western Union. Does not cost anything but once they approve the credit card you use to set up the account you could wire yourself money. All you would need is access to a computer. Go to WU Online, enter your user name and password and send yourself some funds. You will need your passport so don’t carry it around unless you have to. Consider this the worse case scenario buster.