Well I am still in Angeles City and I would have written more but drinking and staring at bored gogo girls start to lose it’s charm after day 3.


The Perimeter is always a fun time provided you don’t care about looks. Then again, I don’t see that much difference between Fields Ave and there to be honest. Plus it’s way cheaper to drink out there and pretty much only thing to do during the day.

Lonesome Traveler and I went to Nifty’s and we were both with dicks out getting jerked off by our private harems. Fucking lady drinks were 350 Pesos and I about had a heart attack and whittled my harem down from 4 to 2 quickly. Finally a deal was struck for those 2 to blow me for 1000 Pesos each. Suddenly we get to the back and this angry mamasan was like you need to buy them more drinks. I was like go fuck yourself this wasn’t in the agreement I made with them. The girl was pleading in Tagalog. This went on for a few minutes then I finally just said fuck it and zipped up and walked. Want to be greedy you get nothing and like it.

The other highlight is taking Lonesome traveler to Voodoo at 5AM where he got to see the “talent” on display of a 24/7 gogo. Nothing says fun even with beer goggles on when you call the girl a beast. I ended up swapping stories with bar managers who use it as their late night drinking spot.


There is fuckall to do here except drink and fuck. That’s it. To be honest, the fucking part hasn’t really worked well for me. Part of this is I’m usually drunk and am like whatever fuck it, I’m going to sleep. The other part is the barfine system is wonky. Lonesome Traveler has been pulling freelancers. I pulled a girl from a game shop for 1200 Pesos, where you drop the claw and win a prize. I get her and we get to the room and she’s nearly in tears. Telling me I am only doing this because I need formula for my baby blah blah. It was a boner killer of epic proportions. She was willing, I tried, it was horrible and I was like just go.

She then asked if she could sleep for a bit in my room since it was cool and wait for the market to open to go get the said formula. Not being a total prick I was like fine. She bailed at like 6 and I got the call asking if all was ok. I was like yeah, I’m going back to sleep.

I have tried to get blown at Blow Row, the thing is you gotta bring them back to your room which is like, I just got it cleaned if I grab another girl now I gotta deal with that.

So Angeles City still has no redeeming qualities.

2 More Days

I have two more days. I have had my fun but to be honest, looking forward to my flight out on Wednesday. I’ll be happy to be in the safe confines of Pattaya once again and surrounded by what I know and knowing I can fuck without bringing them back to my room.

If you like hooker date night and want the GFE without the boner killer of baby formula tears then yeah, come here. If you want to drink and party then go to Pattaya. Least you can fuck on site.