My final day in Angeles City was one of useless aspirations because plans went to shit literally.

Good Afternoon

Lonesome Traveler and his friends and I headed out to Pony Tails. While the reviews were shit, turns out they were wrong except the freezing cold aircon. That was spot on. The girls were attractive, there was no pushiness from staff and everyone was having a good time. In fact, we stayed there for several hours.

We walked up to another bar called Candy Shop and again, no disappointment. The other 3 were tired some from travel and Lonesome Traveler from having a late night the night before. So they departed and I went a little further up, had a few more beers and headed back to my hotel.

Where It Starts To Go To Shit

I stopped and got a massage and was feeling good. So afterwards, went to my room, dropped my sunglasses, and checked email. Then headed downstairs to the restaurant in the hotel. Never had a problem.

Ordered some food and ate. I felt bloated but figured I ate too much but I ordered a light meal. Little did I know what was in store for me.

I met up with Lonesome Traveler after hitting another bar and my stomach was rumbling and beer was just sitting there like a sinking boat. I knew it instantly, I had food poisoning or the start of it. Had it too many times in Asia not to know the symptoms.

Lonesome Traveler left, I paid my bin and headed to the pharmacy to get what I needed to hopefully stop everything before it started.

It Went To Shit

Headed back to my room and laid down while my stomach just roiled. I went to the toilet a few times, never trust a fart in Asia, I got the gas meds to clear up my system but was still not feeling great. At some point I passed out and woke up and just took my sleeping meds and said fuck it.

I wanted to bang a waitress but honestly, I just could not be fucked to do anything. Today, as I write this I’m still tired and fighting dehydration. I have been shitting most of the morning but its better to get it out of your system then take something to block it. Finally, I took something to block it because it seemed to mostly be out.

So ended my last day in Angeles City. It was shit. I am happy to be heading back to the land of smiles. Philippines is fine, but honestly, not my scene.