Normally monger picture of the day but I’ll write this rather epic Angeles City story.

Spanky Pulls A Girl

So as I indicated yesterday I pulled the gaming girl and took her back to my room. Worst mistake ever. It ended so badly that it basically didn’t happen.

We get back to the room, she gets naked and starts to cry and I’m like fuck me, what is the issue here. I am only doing this because I need baby formula. Ok, understand. She makes the attempt but it’s a boner killer and I had 100mg of kamagra in me. Tears while getting blown and trying to fuck and keep it up is impossible. I finally just gave up.

She goes, do you mind if I crash in your room for a bit till 6. It was already late. She was like you have aircon and I can get up and buy the formula and go. I was like fine. I paid her the 1200P and when she left I got the call from reception. I was like yeah, everything is fine and promptly went back to sleep.


Lonesome Traveler met me for breakfast and it was when I was going to count my money to see how much I had in my pocket for the days adventure I noticed all my 1000 Peso notes were missing. I don’t know how many I had but it was at least 10000 on me and maybe a little more. I had spent money that night.

After double checking my room it was determined Ms. Crying had stolen from me since I was dead asleep. She likely did it when she put the shirt I gave her in the wardrobe and I never put the money in the safe not really thinking about it. I know where she works but she will deny it and it’s fucking pointless to argue over it.

Life goes on and no point in crying over it. In all my years mongering it’s the first time it has happened so I am not pissed. I mean, if you are going to get robbed at least you get one hell of a back story out of it.

Perimeter Time

I was on a fucking mission to get a nut yesterday. I didn’t care how and I didn’t care who. The one thing I know is that I didn’t want to haul a Perimeter girl back to my room. Turns out there are short time hotels and I found 2 and they weren’t badly priced at all.

Lonesome Traveler is like remember the mission keep the drinking to a minimum. We were in Platinum and I saw a cute girl we both really liked. Bring her over, get her name Luz, and we start talking and I buy the lady drink. So after a chat I was like, you interested in barfine. Oh I don’t barfine. Fuck me!

We bailed, hit a few more gogos out there and nothing was really calling me but I was horny as fuck. Finally I said let’s go to Nifty’s and try this again without the rookie tax we paid last time.

Turns out we never made it there.

The Place Next To Nifty’s

I truly have no idea what the name of this bar is or was but we promptly passed Nifty’s and went in there. I got grabbed by a hot girl named Nice. I told her my name was Happy. Fuck it, go with retarded names might as well use one yourself.

Lonesome Traveler gives us some space and she starts playing with Little Mr. Happy and I was like you are the one dear. How much for boom boom. She goes 2000 Pesos but I am on period so can only blow you. I was like you really on period. She is like want to see? I took a pass.

However, this girl was cute, had a personality and I was horny as fuck. I walked over to Lonesome Traveler who said he was going to head back and we meet up later.

4 Days Of Jizz

Nice starts sucking my dick and it’s good. Girl had skills. I was like I wanna see those sweet titties, leave the panties on because I don’t want to look at the tampon. She is going at it and I almost popped a few times but the drinking and to be honest, exhaustion were making this take longer than I wanted. I was close but she could not bring me over the edge.

Taking matter into my own hands so to speak and suddenly 4 days of jizz went spewing on to those beautiful brown globes. I was a happy man and a few millilitres lighter. I was so happy to have a nut you would not believe me.

Jumped a trike back, ate, and decided on a nap before heading back out.

Thunder Storm From Hell

Turns out a massive storm came in and knocked power out, hotel switched to generator and all was well. No big deal. I was like by this point, I’m tired and fuck it, I’m just going to stay in. I got my nut, I got one more day to hit it in AC and go out with a bang so I took some xanax and just read until I fell dead asleep.

The storm was a blessing because I got some much needed sleep. Feel refreshed and ready to go out with all I got. I have an 8:15PM flight out of Manila which means I leave here at 3PM just to get there with enough time for check in and so on. Slice of fucking heaven.

Plans For Final Day

I am shockingly still horny. Go figure as I wind down and being sober my dick was like I want pussy. I am going to check out a gogo near by and see what Lonesome Traveler and the boys are doing. I am sure tonight will end late. Set the alarm for 2PM, “pack” meaning throw my shit in the suitcase, and down to pay off whatever I owe to the hotel and then homeward bounds.

So thats the plan for the final day here in beautiful Angeles City