It seems after 9 years absence from the Philippines I will be returning and joining Lonesome Traveler and crew for a few days over there.

Seemed Like A Good Idea

Once I knew the boys where headed to Angeles City, and honestly was considering it versus a trip to Udon Thani it seems fortune smiled upon me. After checking flights I could not fly directly into Clark Airport so I have to fly into Manila. Which I rather would have avoided. Ended up on Thai Airways as they are cheaper than Philippine Airways and fly newer planes and way better service.

So I will make my triumphant return on May 17th and will return on the 23rd to Pattaya. That is plenty of time in Angeles City.

Short Trip

You may be wondering why I am doing such a short trip to Angeles versus a longer one. Well, there is nothing to do but drink and fuck. Trust me, after day 3 it gets boring as fuck over there. Sounds like heaven but I’m not into the entire wifing up experience. While the scene has changed in the Philippines it hasn’t changes that much.

Personally, I will be curious on how much things are difference from what I remember. Based on what I am told you know pay the full amount to the bar and the girl gets paid that ensures she isn’t ripped off. not sure if its true or not. Before you paid a minor barfine and then tipped her. I don’t know what pricing is and I could not begin to tell you. I haven’t done much research on it.

Speaking Of Research

Why haven’t I done much research? I just don’t much care anymore. It’s not something you need to spend hours doing. Generally an experienced monger can suss out what the deal is quickly so I’m not going to spend the time doing it. Nor am I one of those guys that needs to figure out which bar has the best girls and so on. I am an organic monger, I’ll hit them all and figure it out for myself.

I learned that in Tijuana when I started to venture into the locals only bars. Guys were all scared, I had more fun in them then I did the major clubs that catered to gringos and high class Mexicans. Sure the girls weren’t as hot but you could have a much sleazier time.

Will I Get Laid

Unlike Bangkok, I will be dipping my weenie into that pool. I haven’t done a Pinay in a long time and while there are a few floating around Pattaya most aren’t worth the extra expense. Plus, I always had a good session with the Pinay’s I picked up. Never really had a bad one. The biggest problem was getting them out of my room. Unlike in Thailand the girls in the Philippines make plans for the rest of their lives with you.

Plus, while I know things have changes, I know the general areas of Angeles and can easily find a partner in sin!

Looking Forward To It

Next week Monger Travels hits the road again and will be writing live from Angeles City. I promise this time to bring a fucking laptop charger so I can actually write. Plus, I can’t wait to have San Miguel Light straight from the motherland. Not that it’s bad here in Thailand, it’s just that well, it’s all better in it’s home country!