safe_imageSo I was forwarded a link from a friend showing how my home airport is now added new kiosks to replace immigration officers to expedite entry into America. I answered him that I have Global Entry and do that already and I can skip dealing with the immigration officer all together. He said he would not know because he has a kid and all his vacationsĀ involves a car. This got me thinking.

I am not a parent. I have zero desire to be one. The thing that struck me about his statement is that its bullshit. I know for a fact him and his wife make good money. I know they have and canĀ travel internationally if they wish to. Yet, Americans don’t! When the fuck did having a kid mean the end of travel internationally?

I completely understand that airline tickets are expensive but when did the family vacation in America turn into the National Lampoon’s Family Vacation where everyone packs into the Family Truckster(TM) and drives everywhere? Why would you not want to expose your children to different cultures? Why would you not sacrifice a bit more to pay for the airline ticket to someplace more exotic then Disney World?

This may come off as slightly un-American but sorry, one of America’s and American’s biggest problems is we are too fucking lazy to get out and travel internationally. We have become an insular country full of small minded individuals who have lost the capacity to think for themselves. We are fed bullshit from media (spare me the Liberal vs. Conservative crap) and we believe it without bothering to get out and see for ourselves.

The thought that Muslims are some how out to blow us all up and make us follow Sharia Law is bullshit. I can tell you 99% of all Muslims are just as shocked and outraged at the 1% of the faith that we are. No one bats an eye when some Christian goes on a killing spree in the name of god or spouts off nonsense (hello Westboro Baptist Church). Here is a little truth, I’m more scared of Bible loving Christians the routinely tell me; and I am not exaggerating this fact, that I am going to Hell at least once a week. I can tell you emphatically that no Muslim has ever walked up to me and told me Allah thinks I am an infidel. Yet, we hate Muslims because our media shows the bad and no American is willing to get off their asses and go out into the wider world and engage another culture to find the truth.

We as a nation have lost our ability to reason for ourselves. When I flew to Las Vegas for work there were people on my flight wearing masks to protect themselves from “ebola”. I have first hand accounts of those that canceled trips WITHIN the US because of concerns about Ebola. When did a virus that mainly occurs in Africa become a national obsession with only a handful of cases in within the US become a cause for concern for the average American? We were fed bullshit from the media and ill informed Americans with zero experience outside their own culture never bothered to consider the reality of the situation other than “OMFG EBOLA”. We looked like asses to the rest of the world and our own politicians looking like ever greater assess for wanting to put travel bans on flights.

I weep for America. We become a nation of isolationists. Worried about boogeymen of our own making. We do children a disservice by not traveling and exposing them to the new and different. We do ourselves a disservice by not traveling more extensively and exposing our own selves to the new and different.

The world is bigger then the once a year escape to some destination within our own country. The more we shut ourselves off from the world the more we get left behind. If you thing America is the greatest nation on Earth, you need to start looking harder at your own actions and those around you. We are slipping. Our greatness is starting to fade and its because of our own increased isolationism. If you want to believe the media that spews whatever is the hot topic of the moment. Where is Ebola now? If you want to believe your party is better then the other party because you can’t be bothered to look beyond ideology. If you want to believe that Democracy is our right to enforce our policies on others. If you want to believe that special interests aren’t really in control of elections. Then by all means jump in the Family Truckster(TM) and take off. Close the doors and roll up the windows while chanting Yankee Doodle Dandy and ending it with rousing shouts of ‘MURICA.