Want me to tell you what it’s like running a bar in Pattaya? This will be a tale of adventures in bar management. This all happened in one night.

Lets Get Ready To Rumble

Nothing says fun when customers or staff want to start a battle royal in your bar. I really don’t care what you do on the soi but in the bar you become my problem.

I had 2 girls that were pissed off at each other. For the dumbest reason but I women get bitter at the dumbest shit. I foolishly went to take a piss only to come out and see them going at it.

One guy grabbed one girl and I grabbed the other and basically put her in a choke hold to get her to calm down. You would think 40 kilos would be easy to control. Wrong!

Fucking Thai women go nuts and the choke hold was as much for my safety as to keep her from trying to kill the other girl. She was screaming and absolutely fucking going berserk. It finally sunk in when I wasn’t going to let her go that she should stop and calm the fuck down.

Told both to leave the bar and get the hell out. Best part is they live together!

Vomit Time

I had no less than 4 separate vomitings from excessive alcohol. Thai women, in particular Thai bargirls have an amazing ability to drink themselves into a stupor and then vomit it up.

Two different girls, one with a barfine who kept feeding her drinks until I cut her off puked up her lungs 3 times. She would promptly run to the toilet and another girl would follow her to hold her hair while she proceeded to worship the porcelain throne. You would think after the first time she would have stopped drinking, nope. It was the second time that I caught on to what was going on that I cut her off. Third vomit I guess was for luck.

Had another girl show up after work and she was already smashed. She was ringing the bell and having the time of her life. It was then I see her run past me to puke up her lungs. How did she handle this? Rang the bell again and continued to drink.

Bar Management

I am no longer shocked or surprised at humanity and their capacity to drink themselves stupid. While I am writing about Thai women, tourists are a whole other level of stupid. I’ll write a post about that one day.

Remember, this is just one night in a bar. I have countless stories now just from sitting there in the bar and watching what goes on and dealing with the fallout of some of the people that walk through the front.

It’s now become amusing to me when the dust settles and I have time to think about it. It’s not for everyone and there are days I question my sanity but I’m going to have a lifetime of stories from doing this.