What exactly is a monger?  It’s an abbreviation for whore monger which the usual definition usually means one who patronizes prostitutes. Most mongers have traveled the world in pursuit of the hobby many of us going through passport pages like others change underwear. We are seasoned travelers who have seen and done things that the average person dreams of or reads about in Penthouse Forums. For many what would be a once in a lifetime trip is our every two or three month escape from reality.

Why do we travel the globe to monger? Often times we feel constrained in our home countries be it laws, costs, or social attitudes towards our hobby. Most mongers don’t fit the general norm for those around us. We tend to be single, have disposable income, and generally not interested in a relationship unless it is a one night stand. Our attitudes have shifted in that we rather have our freedom to pursue our hobby then be tied to the norm. Many of us subscribe to the Charlie Sheen theory that we have never paid a woman for sex. We pay them to leave.

This site is about discussing the in’s and out’s of traveling the globe and exchanging our views and knowledge. Many of us have our favorite destinations but many a monger has a knowledge of the travel industry that would make a professional travel agent blush. We can tell you airport codes in tiny third world countries, where you can bring a girl back to your room without being charged an additional occupant fee, where to eat like a local or a one week millionaire. Need to find a bar that offers companions for an hour? Need a escort service or a phone number of a girl in a far flung city half a world away? Many mongers who have traveled the globe can provide that to you.

The idea is to build a community to exchange this knowledge among ourselves. There are forums, blog posts, and yes a picture/video gallery. While the site will focus on traveling and mongering without a specific destination in mind, as the community grows new topics will be added as needed. There are also secured forums for trip reports and images for those that can be shared with like minded people who enjoy the hobby. Gaining access to these is a privilege of being a member of good standing in the community.

So welcome to Monger Travels!