One of the mandatory things that I always look for in a monger destination is a good hotel.  Everyone has different tastes in levels of amenities that they require and a good monger hotel doesn’t have to have marble tile and gold plated faucets in the bathroom to be a good monger hotel.  No, for a monger there are a few things that are mandatory.

The first and foremost thing is the hotel to be “guest friendly”.  Guest friendly means basically you can bring your lady of the evening back to your room and no one raises an eyebrow at what you are doing.  In addition, they don’t charge you an additional fee for your guest.  Mongers hate to spend money on frivolous expenses such as guest fees.  In some other parts of the world these are called joiner fees.  So if you see a hotel you think you might want to stay at just point blank ask if they have guest or monger fees.  If they say yes then move on.  Even if a hotel is guest friendly they may have a rule against multiple “guests” going to a room at one time.  Many monger friendly hotels are clear about this up front and if you have dreams of the wild orgy of 10 women servicing you make sure you find out how many “guests” you can take to your room at once.

A good monger hotel also checks IDs for you.  In some of the more budget friendly hotels there is no security so it’s on you to check the ID and make sure she is of age.  Let’s take the age thing out of the equation and look at it from a safety perspective.  Let’s be honest in saying that ladies of the evenings tend to have sticky fingers at times.  If someone checks the girl in with her real ID and you got a real name and a way to track her down the risk of theft is greatly diminished.  Most placing checking IDs keep the IDs at the front desk at well and they either call you or escort the girl out before they release ID back to the girl.

I like a monger hotel to have a decent friendly bar.  If there are girls there working and available for company then even better but not a requirement.  The beauty of the monger hotel is that like minded gentlemen will be staying there and its a good chance to meet new people and swap lies stories and compare notes with fellow hobby enthusiasts.  I have met more wingmen who have joined me on monger trips this way then I do at home where I keep my hobby to myself.

There are a few comforts that are required for in room comfort at a monger hotel as well.  Any monger worth his salt knows that the one thing that can’t be skipped in a monger hotel room is towels.  I don’t care where you monger, you go through towels.  You will shower before and (hopefully) after the session and the girl is going to want a fresh towel as well.  If you are doing more than one session a day you are going to go through towels like no tomorrow.  The more towels you have the better.  If you only see two in your room, bribe the maid with a tip and ask for more.  Trust me, you will need them.

Room safes are mandatory.  Mongering is a cash hobby so you tend to carry a lot of it.  So a safe in your room that you have control over is a must.  In addition you need to lockup your passport and wallet.  I never carry my civilian wallet with my creditcards and other important documents when I’m in another country.  I leave it in the room and carry cash and thats it.  The rest stays locked up in the room.  Some places have lockboxes at registration instead of safes.  I won’t do that because my valuables are out of my control and I’m reliant on staff to access my cash or cards when I need them.  No room safe no way I am staying.

Finally and this is one I don’t compromise on at all.  A decent internet connection.  While not just for work related access, I like to post trip reports and check the monger boards to see whats going on in country.  You will also need it if you want to upload and dump pictures to a secure online storage area so you don’t have to deal with customs when you come back through to your home country.  No working internet just ruins any hotel regardless of how well it does other things.  I guess I’m just a nerd but I freak out without internet.

These are my requirements for a good monger hotel.  Others may vary and some guys prefer the private apartment rental or something similar.  Regardless of where you stay find a place you feel safe in and comfortable in.