I officially landed in Thailand on July 13th. So close enough for me to say I have lived here for 90 days. Plus, I did my 90 days report to immigration which is a visa requirement.

It’s Life

I can’t stress enough that it’s life at this point. Sure I have easy access to pussy and that is great and all but it’s life. You find yourself settling into a routine, not much different than what I was doing back home. it just happens to be in a new country.

I think one of the things that some expats find hard is settling into something that resembles normal. There is no need to go out and chase pussy and drink yourself stupid. I see too many guys do that and I just don’t want anything to do with that lifestyle.It’s boring and repetitive to be completely honest.

Is my life exciting? Not really but I also don’t go out and try and drink myself stupid and prove to the world I can bang a hooker nightly.

Whats Changed

I have changed significantly. I do “stuff” now. That means I do have a schedule and for transparency sake I’ll now admit to managing a bar. No, I will not name it. This was a fairly recent development so before, when I did “stuff” it wasn’t directly managing a bar. Now I do.

Interesting thing is managing a bar has provided me some much needed structure. Before I was pretty aimless. I mean I had stuff to do but it wasn’t time consuming or that pressing. I would go through the motions and the rest of the time I was aimless. While sitting in a bar isn’t my ideal of a great time, it does provide me with something to do and I don’t mind it.

I was used to managing people, so managing a bunch of hookers isn’t much different than managing a bunch of other people. You need to establish authority and go from there. Once you have that its a matter of keeping everyone happy and productive.

So I show up daily, I sit there, and do my thing. If customers want me to talk I do. If they don’t they can talk to the girls. I’m good either way and its just something to fill the day up.

Next 90 Days

Strangely enough I don’t really know. I am planning a trip to Cambodia at some point. With a workable schedule I can do stuff during the day and then at night I go out. I have learned to balance things out in my life. If I want to be social I go out. Want to be a hermit then I’ll sit in my room and just happily watch TV.

Thing is, moving here wasn’t about easy pussy and beer. It was a change of lifestyle. I found it. Didn’t think I end up running a bar but life is full of surprises. I always keep my eyes open for new opportunities and I enjoy myself tremendously. I have freedom and flexibility that I never had before.

So I’m looking forward to the next 90 days. As they say here in Thailand, same same but different.