According to my inaccurate calendar I am officially 6 months as an expat. I’m shitty with math but I arrived in Thailand on the 6th of July. I’m close enough to say 6 months so move the hell along.

6 Months

Wow. I survived 6 months in another country. Go me! I could lie and tell you it took a ton of effort but to be honest I fucked off a lot and got drunk a lot. I also managed to provide support to struggling family in Northern Thailand in micro grants in the 1000-2000 Baht range.

I say within the last month I slowed down and went fuck this, I’m kinda bored with the whole bar thing and dealing with hookers. Don’t get me wrong, I love living here. Just not the drinking and whores 24/7. Trust me, you think it’s paradise at first, then once you get into the mix you realize if you don’t have to be there you rather not have shit to do with it.

Few nights out and that’s enough for me. I am content to hang out and do my own thing and it generally doesn’t involves copious amounts of San Miguel Light or whore houses.

Somethings Good

There has been a lot of good things here. I have learned to live like a Thai except for my whoring and drinking. Mainly because Thai whoring and drinking culture generally isn’t farang friendly. Not that they won’t gladly take your money. It’s just a bit uncomfortable unless you are used to it and you better be prepared for a language barrier from hell.

The Thai lifestyle isn’t horrible at all horrible and I am meeting more guys who go fuck the Western stuff that’s overpriced. Find some place that suits your needs more than the idea of what you think you need to keep up with the other expats.

I have met a lot of new people and made a lot of great connections that allow me to do “stuff” over here to make hooker and beer tokens. Some of it has challenged me and other parts have been I closed my eyes and sleep walked through it. Learning graphic design has been a challenge and learning to take portraits was an adventure as well. Any computer work, I just do the sleep walk because it’s basic stuff.

Still, I’m doing shit in Thailand and it’s on my schedule and that is something and I’m proud of. Try walking away from 6 figures and come talk to me about a lifestyle shift and see if you got the balls to do it.

Somethings Bad

Let me get this out of the way first. Managing a bar was the greatest source of material I could have ever done. Seriously, I learned the flip side. While it might have only been a little over 2 months, trust me, after the 1st it starts to be just variations of the theme.

For me, managing a bar was a complete and total debacle of epic proportions. I personally could not handle the physical and mental stress involved with it. You try drinking 5, 6, or 7 days a week, knowing your drinking is going to start later than normal and that your bar is going to close past most others so you become a late night drinking spot. It sucked balls and tore me the hell up.

I was by week 5 a walking ball of stress. I was like this sucks balls and I was having meltdowns fairly regularly. Stress and alcohol don’t mix unless in small doses. So it took its toll on me until one day I went fuck this I can’t any more.

So my career as a bar manager was short lived and not something I would willing do again. I will always help out of a friend and do a cover shift for someone since I know how a bar works. Other than that, not on your life full time.

How Have I Changed

Short of the bar manager experience nothing much bothers me anymore. I really don’t give a shit about much anymore. I do what I want and when I want for the most part. Unless I have a deadline from someone to stuff I really just take life as it comes.

One thing I need to do is find some more structure and do some things. I used to do photography for fun and now I do it donation money. That means picking up a camera is now not something relaxing. Still love doing it, just means now it’s more of a work tool than a pleasure tool. Trying to rekindle that but don’t want to force anything and take a shit photo just because I feel like I have to take a shit photo.

The obvious is I still need to drag my ass to the gym. I am starting to walk more. I am also eating 100% healthier for the most part. When I’m in I cook myself and generally don’t eat as much. Just make simple dishes or healthy pre-cooked you can get at the store for less than 100 Baht. It also helps that I have cut my drinking down to sensible levels.

Expat Me

So yes, call me an expat. I have done 6 months and I can’t wait for a year. Got more to look forward to. More traveling around my adopted country and more doing of stuff and settling in even more and maybe establishing some roots. Who knows.

Just call me an expat.