Today marks my anniversary of 35 Days as an expat. My life has completely changed from what it was to what is is now. It also changes what I expected to do versus what I am doing.

Not All Whores And Beer

What if I told you it’s not all whores and beer over here. Well, it is but not in the way you think. Pattaya is whole other reality. So you learn to take it for what it and adjust your thinking accordingly.

I’d say the first 2 week I was in whoring and drinking mode. Was great fun as I ran wild through the town doing what I do best. Drinking and whoring.

Now? I could give two shits less about the whores. Drinking is just part of what I do now so it’s lost its luster as well.

If you want to be involved with stuff in this town you learn that the whores are a there when you want a quick nut. The drinking is part of business. The rest of the time you are running around doing the normal things of life.

Learned A Lot

Interestingly enough I have learned more in 35 days than I ever expected to. I left the US because I was bored. Could not stand doing my job anymore. I wasn’t engaged nor did I really care about doing much of anything.

In the past 35 days I have learned more than I think I did in the past 10 years or so of doing a job. Everything is new and I everything I learn is still exciting to me. Don’t get me wrong, there have been mistakes made. It’s part of the learning experience. If you say, hey I’m just giving this a go and willing to try and I messed up people are forgiving.

My skillset has provided me with opportunities. What I have started to do with those has opened doors and the learning experience. It’s the same things I did back home to some extent but it’s a new environment where I have to prove I can do it. That’s been a challenge and learning experience. I have to show I can do what I say. I haven’t had to that in years. My word was law back home and very few could say otherwise.

So learning to be just another guy out to prove himself to the world has been fun. It’s taught me to be a bit more humble and accept the fact that what I say is no longer law. Plus getting to play with new stuff and do new things with the skills I have has been fun.

It’s A Small Town

People come to Pattaya to drink and bang hookers. We all know it. When you live here and are involved it’s a different reality. You need to be aware that your actions and your words will be reported back eventually. Everyone gossips here. There are groups of expats and there are people that circulate between those groups.

The thing to remember is if you live here you aren’t an anonymous holidaymaker anymore. You are part of a community and like any community you need to learn the rules of social engagement. If you don’t you are screwed and will eventually be an outcast. Trust me, I have seen these social outcasts, you don’t want to be one. It’s like high school all over again.


I have no regrets about moving here. There is no part of me that wishes to go back to the America and sit in an office and grind out a job. While I am busy, it’s business I choose to be involved in. I have the luxury of making my own time and doing my own things, picking and choosing what I want to do. I didn’t have that luxury in America.

So 35 days as an expat isn’t exactly what I thought it was going to be but things never are. Life has a way of throwing you curves. I left the straight and easy road for one filled with curves and bumps. It’s made for a funner ride than I could have ever expected.