People always ask me if Pattaya is a 24/7 town and my answer if hell yes. I write after staying out 24+ hours and doing dumb shit I should not do but hell yeah, it’s fun as hell.

So What Can You Do

The biggest quest is what can you do 24/7 here in Pattaya. The easier answer is what can’t you do. Seriously, I was up drinking and fucking all night in a bar. No joke. It’s that stupid easy here and btw, I get the frequent guest discount – aka, the girl buys me drinks. I love it!

When live in a monger destination you know what you can and cannot get away with. When you know the girls the rules completely change. They start buying you drinks as an inducement to get you to take them short time. You are like ok! Whatever!

When you finishing rinsing them for drinks you are like ahead in the short time game and you come out ahead because you are smashed and they are now down something like 2000 Baht and all you are going to pay is 300 for short time and 1000 baht to the girl. Where I come from we call that winning.

Pattaya Never Sleeps

One thing you need to understand living here is Pattaya never sleeps. You can pretty much get anything you want 24/7 and it’s not the big of an issue. It’s just a matter of knowing where to go and who to talk to. Best piece of advice is don’t be a dick until they know you.

Reality is, when you live here they smell an expat a mile away and they realize you know the rules. You can take that as you will but you are given a different level of treatment versus some guy in on holiday. They know you will keep your mouth shut and don’t ask stupid question nor relay information (notice I gave no location away). It’s a mutual respect between monger and provider.

They know you aren’t going to fuck it all up with your own stupidity because oh yeah, you like getting laid at 6AM in the morning completely drunk. They know it and so do you. So you just roll with it and don’t open your damn mouth.

For inquiring minds – NO! I will not tell you where I been or what I have been up to simply because I respect the place I was at and nor do I wish to bring bad things upon them. This is something most mongers never learn. Do yourself a favor and shut the fuck up! Don’t give out details or where you been. Seriously, it’s sketchy enough, no one needs a monger who can’t keep his mouth shut fucking it up for the rest of us!

Yes – It’s Really 24/7

The one thing that guys have problems wrapping their heads around is that yes, Pattaya is 24/7 town. You can do and get anything you want provided you got the cash and the will power to stay up. I am over 24 hours awake and off to do some “stuff” but I feel like I could fucking do whatever I wanted and then some. No, no chemical assistance discounting Red Bull but you can’t understand the sht you can get into here until you have seen it for itself.

While my desire for Pattaya wains at times, I do love the fact that at any hour of the day I can get a beer and a blowjob!