So I touched down without incident. Pura Vida Transport was waiting and off we headed to San Jose that is till road construction kept on detouring us so 1 hour later we arrived at the Amistad.

Checked in off into the night we went. Checked out the talent at the Sportsmens Lodge and Big Daddy found a natural DD’s or bigger. Off he went. Steve the owner and friend of mine who owns Pura Vida Transport headed to the Key Largo and Del Rey.

The talnet did not overwhelm me so we wandered around and had a few beers. The hottest thing I saw was a Korean girl who was with her boyfriend that was on our flight and buying a SIM card with us at the airport. She was rubbing on some girl in the bar.

So I called it a night around 2and and went to bed. So 12 hours and counting and I have not been laid.