Today’s monger pic of the day takes us to the magical country of Colombia (Columbia: Recognized North American Spelling), specifically to the city in the mountains called Medellin.  I personally haven’t been to Medellin in a few years, mainly because I am now a Thailand guy for lots of reasons but I did enjoy my time in the city.  It really is a beautiful city and the women, before I went to Prague were the most beautiful I had ever had the pleasure of being around.  Unlike Colombian exports in other Latin American countries these girls were sweet and not hardened pros.  My one issue with Medellin is that the monger scene isn’t like Thailand where there are bars full of women.  You need to work at it a bit and build connections but they are there.  For the guys that have done this they reaped the rewards and today’s monger pic of the day is one of them submitted by a generous reader.  Enjoy this little muñeca (doll in Spanish)