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Out of Ideas

As the year burns down to the few remaining days I find myself out of ideas at the moment. There is lots to write about but as my tired mind tries to form coherent sentences its just not working. Plus I have the upcoming task of spending the holidays in Florida with my family that fills me with dread. I get some people like their families and look forward to...   » Read More

Monger Video of the Day

One of the things I hear about guys that have never been to Thailand is that all Thais look the same. Well, its true if you been there enough times and have fucked your way through enough of them that they all do look the same. Shit, I can’t tell a Poo from a Faa from a Porn from a Wan. They blend. Hell I have walked down Soi 6 and pretty sure that I have...   » Read More

Monger Video of the Day

I know I promised an endless supply of Thai’s for the monger video of the day but as we know on mongering trips, the best plans are the ones you don’t make. That and I don’t have time to fuck around with getting the videos right now. I have priorities and getting my hands on and converting endless supply of Thai porn isn’t in my agenda at...   » Read More

Flawed Individuals

I’m going to carry on the Local Men post since it seems to have gotten some traction and got me to think about mongers as flawed individuals. I freely admit that I am a walking mess. I have my flaws and don’t really care about them anymore. I am what I am and content in that knowledge. Not saying I won’t ever change because the one constant is...   » Read More

Monger Video of the Day

You can blame Prostoner for the soon to be run on Thai porn for the monger video of the day. For a man that doesn’t like Asians he does seem to watch a lot of porn with them in it. Not passing judgement, just pointing out the obvious. I could ramble about the video. The girl is obviously Thai. She has braces. She sucks some dick. She gets fucked. She gets...   » Read More