Monger Travels

That Time of the Year

It’s that time of the year again. That’s right. When my ass gets shipped out to Las Vegas. I think it’s well documented¬†that I hate the fucking place. I hope and pray that this is my final trip to “sin city” which really means a pre-packaged fantasy of what an uninhibited adult lifestyle is supposed to be like. Wild parties, sexy...   » Read More

Monger Video of the Day

I may have topped myself here. I may just give up the monger video of the day. I mean, how do you bounce back from interracial midget threeway’s? It’s all down hill from here. The mountain top has been reached. I have nothing more to climb. This monger video of the day has it all. First off two female midgets. You know some lesbian loving will happen...   » Read More

Hard Choices

I was talking to a girl I have known for 3 or 4 years now. Rather close to her after the spectacular fights and drama out of the way. I genuinely¬†care for her and not in the she’s hot and I just want to fuck her kinda way. As we both settled into lives outside of the mongering arena we have grown closer. She talks to me about normal things and asks me...   » Read More

Monger Video of the Day

Wow. This monger video of the day has it all for you degenerates. Ok, at least the 30 seconds of skipping around that I watched. Girl masturbating. Check. A girl deep throating. Check. A girl ball licking. Check. A girl licking ass. Check. A girl riding a cock. Check. A girl getting ass fucked. Check. A girl swallowing a load. Check. Did I mention she is a Thai...   » Read More

Emotional Attachment

I don’t have an emotional attachment to much. I think its a byproduct of my job where I have seen millions of dollars in computer equipment come and go. I have seen people freak out when I tell them they are holding $15,000 worth of hardware in their hands and gently set it down like it was a new born child. I think this is them fearful that they would...   » Read More