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Desperation Samba

I’ll let Jimmy Buffett handle this one. He summarizes why I am spending Halloween in Tijuana better then anyone. My desire to do the Desperation Samba. This song brings to mind two things. First, an image of Robert Mitchum.┬áStanding in the doorway of a bar in Tijuana, and second, a line by┬áThomas McGuane, my brother-in-law, from his book, Panama,”...   » Read More

Deviation of the Norm

Deviation of the norm again. No monger video of the day and really, just a quick update to get me moving. It’s my last night in Vegas and then on my way to Mexico! Fuck yeah, I’m going to spend Halloween in Tijuana. I will be humming the Jimmy Buffett song while I sing some ZZ Top Mexican Blackbird. I roll that way. So apologies for no hot free porn...   » Read More


I have the opportunity to jump to Tijuana. I make no bones about it. If it wasn’t for Thailand I think I would end up there. Not because its full of pussy and beer, just because its a place that connects with my soul. No one ever tells you that you should do X or Y. Sometimes the choice is made at a level that you don’t understand. Maybe its the...   » Read More


Please accept my apologies for not having a monger video of the day. I thought I uploaded them to one of my cloud drives so I could easily upload them while I am on the road. The drive on my main computer that I do 80% of the Monger Travels stuff on didn’t sync it up in time so I don’t have them on my laptop that I travel with. So no monger video of...   » Read More


I would love to write something along the lines of I had a wild orgy with the female cast members of some strip show on the Vegas strip but sadly that didn’t happen. I could lie but whats the point. My life has been filed with enough real life adventures that lying about something like that would be pointless. I can’t pretend that I like Vegas. It...   » Read More