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Monger Video of the Day

This monger video of the day┬áis courtesy of Paco Loco. It’s a classic and its short so even those of you with short attention spans can avoid skipping to the end. I don’t want to spoil this video as its been around but your girlfriend that you met in a monger bar, well she’s faithful to her nature. You will have to watch the monger video of...   » Read More

Mongering Is Serious Business

I am going to beat you about your head. I’m going to mock and ridicule you. I am going basically call you stupid but in couched terms. So in effect, a rather typical post from me. So with if you think mongering is serious business I have a few things to tell you. Let’s not beat around the bush here. At its core mongering is nothing more then paying...   » Read More

Monger Video of the Day

It seems I was accused of being a member of the feminist agenda with my post yesterday so I must redeem myself to the monger “brotherhood” with the monger video of the day. This one is for Mucho Gusto because you know, he only goes to Thailand every 10 years or so. I also know he loves tits and the bigger the better so why not torture him with a Thai...   » Read More

A Date

That is correct, your┬áintrepid writer had a date. I alluded to it a couple times but I didn’t want to disclose it because I didn’t want to screw it up by pontificating on it. So I had a date on Friday evening with a lady that I had wrote about before. She contacted me again once she settled into her new job and asked if I wanted to meet up for...   » Read More

Monger Video of the Day

It seems that porn and hence forth, the monger video of the day has been stuck in a anal theme. I don’t get the taboo of it all. I guess as a degenerate monger I have hit the brown eye enough that the mystery is gone for me. It’s just another hole to be hammered, its not a naughty nasty thing for me that fuels my monger imagination. I mean, the most...   » Read More