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Monger Video of the Day

Wow. This monger video of the day has it all for you degenerates. Ok, at least the 30 seconds of skipping around that I watched. Girl masturbating. Check. A girl deep throating. Check. A girl ball licking. Check. A girl licking ass. Check. A girl riding a cock. Check. A girl getting ass fucked. Check. A girl swallowing a load. Check. Did I mention she is a Thai...   » Read More

Emotional Attachment

I don’t have an emotional attachment to much. I think its a byproduct of my job where I have seen millions of dollars in computer equipment come and go. I have seen people freak out when I tell them they are holding $15,000 worth of hardware in their hands and gently set it down like it was a new born child. I think this is them fearful that they would...   » Read More

Monger Video of the Day

I would be remiss if I said I watched it. I didn’t. I just snagged it based off of the image preview and went from there. I mean, she’s Asian right? You can’t go wrong with that and its why I selected it as a monger video of the day. For all I know she stays clothed through the whole damn video but I would not have a clue one way or another. I...   » Read More

Monger Video of the Day

The late Otis dearly departedĀ got a blow job at the bus stop. He said he was in the mens room and there was a hole in the stall and someone there offering to blow him. Somehow, I don’t think Otis received said blow jobĀ from a woman similar to the monger video of the day. Otis did say he enjoyed himself. Considering he’s dead who are we to judge...   » Read More

Paint Fumes

As Monger Travels HQ is currently in renovation mode with painting taking place and me inhaling perfectly safe paint fumes in a poorly ventilated environment. I have started to see colors and hear noise. I’m very excited by this development! Least that’s the story I am sticking to. The reality is paint fumes haven’t happened yet. It will start...   » Read More