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Spanky Day

Normally I write this stuff a day ahead. Not a secret around these part. Today I write you about 5 hours before the post goes live. Today will now be officially be called Spanky Day. 1. Spanky has a contract on Casa de Spanky. 2. Spanky got laid. The contract on Casa de Spanky alone is enough to cause me to celebrate. As someone told me who is aware of my plans,...   » Read More

Monger Pic of the Day

It turns out that Facebook has me on super double secret probation. It turns out my last warning wasn’t really a last warning. I incurred another last warning again. I don’t think they like painted nipples. That leaves me to believe that Facebook is run by Puritans. So for this monger pic of the day I am going with something wholesome. A baking...   » Read More

In Search of Perfection

I often wonder that we as mongers often lead ourselves into disappointment with our selections because we are in search of perfection. I bring this up for unrelated reasons. Mainly that I just pissed away 3 hours of my life on trying to edit photos that had nothing wrong with them other then my own inability to like them on a level that I was satisfied with. I...   » Read More

Monger Pic of the Day

Running short on time and energy to write much of anything and one doesn’t bitch when one receives a gift like I did. So for the monger pic of the day we return to the world of football or soccer for you godless heathens. You can read Big Daddy’s summary on the name difference if you are inclined. Personally, I rather look at semi-naked women. As for...   » Read More

Inside We’re All 17

I can’t claim credit for the title. It came from Laurence Olivier’s line “Inside, we’re all 17, with red lips.” I liked it so much I used it. While I’m not so sure about the red lips, the quote came from an article about a 93 year old man getting inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. It triggered in me a reason to write this. I firmly...   » Read More