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Monger Pic of the Day

My schedule sucks right now as I embark on a 9 day festival of no days off. This isn’t me dodging my epic writing responsibilities but don’t expect magical updates that are awe inspiring unless I can manage to sneak some time away. With that introduction I am working on this monger pic of a day after an evening of socializing. My first stop was a...   » Read More

Intestinal Fortitude

Intestinal Fortitude or the lack there of is the reason for this post. I could say I am doing well but I crossed back into the US and felt fine, ate lunch in San Diego and then proceeded to shit my guts out. So this is going to be a light update because I am not honestly feeling up to doing much of anything. The one thing about getting the shits is that you are...   » Read More

Monger Pic of the Day

Sadly I am going to take a departure from the normal monger pic of the day and go with the much requested Donkey Show from Tijuana. I know certain readers of this site are obsessed with it so using the power of the internet (ok I did a quick google search) to bring this mildly disappointing image up for your viewing pleasure. The reality is there isn’t a...   » Read More

Mexico: Same Same But Different

Using the sad cliche from Asia, same same but different but it describes Mexico. There is this assumption that Mexico is some how this little shit hole of a country where people are dirt poor and trying new ways to sneak across the border. That there are narco gangs shooting each other in the street 24/7 and drugs and dealers are on every corner. The reality is...   » Read More

Monger Pic of the Day

Still in Tijuana and still going with the street girls for the monger pic of the day. The infamous schoolgirl corner where they all dress up as schoolgirls for your visual enticement of the merchandise. I have never bothered with them except when getting something to eat at the taco stand there. My entire interaction was basically not thanks want a taco. You...   » Read More